Company Profile

Satco, Inc. is the pioneer and a leader in the engineering, design, manufacture and maintenance of unit load devices (ULD's) worldwide. On any given day at least seven million express air freight packages and envelopes are shipped in Satco ULD's throughout the world.

Satco products include a full range of upper and lower deck air cargo containers, all configurations of air cargo pallets, including 16 ft and 20 ft heavy duty models, engine pallets, military pallets, knotted woven rope air cargo nets and straps as well as restraint hardware, and a variety of specialty containers and pallets to meet your technical requirements.

Headquartered in El Segundo, California (LAX) since 1968, operations take place from nine buildings dedicated to the engineering, manufacture, sales and service of our products. With three additional repair stations located in Memphis, TN (MEM), Louisville KY (SDF), and Indianapolis, IN (IND) conducting maintenance service in over 250,000 square feet (23,000 square meters) of facilities, Satco has become the largest ULD repair company in the industry. This after-sales support is a reflection of Satco's dedication to its customers.

Please use this website to learn more about Satco, to explore Satco's product line, send us a message or request a quotation. You will also find a technical section where component maintenance manuals and technical information can be downloaded by customers who have been issued usernames and passwords.  If you are an existing customer and need a CMM, send us a message or give us a call!

History of Select Satco Acheivements

1968 On June 24, 1968 Satco opened for business in El Segundo, CA (LAX) 
1969 Designed and tested the industry’s first all-aluminum single sheet cargo pallet
1970 Received “Parts Manufacturer Approval” from the FAA to build air cargo pallets
1971 Invented the first knotted woven rope air cargo net – proudly the current industry standard for durability and light weight 
1972 Received TSO Approval to manufacture air cargo nets
1973 First to design and sell the all-aluminum “A” size cargo container with three removable solid doors – Patent #3,904,064
1974 First to design and sell flat aluminum sheet LD-3 cargo container
1975 Obtained FAA-TSO Certification to manufacture single sheet cargo pallets
1976 First to design and sell flat aluminum sheet AMA cargo container
1977 First to design and sell all-aluminum LD-9 and LD-11 cargo containers
1979 First to design and sell flat aluminum sheet AMD air cargo container
1980 First with FAA Certified 60.4 x 125 inch plate cargo pallet for use on Boeing 747 aircraft
1982 First to develop all-aluminum 20 foot cargo cargo pallet utilizing top and bottom sheets with support stringers – the industry’s most durable design to date 
1984 Invented the cross cable fabric over-center Door – Patent #4,538,663
1985 Opened our first ULD Repair Facilities in Memphis, Tennessee (MEM) for Federal Express
 1986  Invented all-aluminum stringer type HCU-6E cargo pallet as the alternative to Balsa Core Military Pallet – Patent #4,690,360
1988 Developed custom computer programs to generate Repair Station billing and inventory control
1989 Opened First ULD Repair Facility in Indianapolis, Indiana (IND) for Federal Express
1990 Invented the Over-Center Roll Up Door for use on FedEx AMJ Containers – the fastest & most efficient door operation in the industry
1991 Invented polycarbonate panel clamp retention method – Patent #5,294,019
1994 Developed first ever dual contour “A” cargo container – may be positioned laterally in narrow bodied aircraft and longitudinally on Boeing 767 aircraft 
1995 Opened our first ULD Repair Station in Louisville, Kentucky (SDF) for United Parcel Service (UPS)
1998 Built specialty 20 Foot FedEx “X” Box to transport trailer/air cargo containers from a supplier’s dock to an aircraft to the customer’s dock
2000 Developed Repair Station roller ball floor system to eliminate forklift usage and increase work flow and overall factory productivity
2001 Began authorized Repair Station relationship with Airplane Equipment Services covering ULD repairs in Germany
  Developed the True Contour™ “A1” cargo container (88 x 125 x 96 inch) for maximum aircraft cargo volumes in 88 x 125 inch floor positions
2003 Authorized Repair Station relationship began with FFC covering ULD repairs in Subic Bay, Philippines
  Developed air transport modular cargo container system for rapid deployment of critical materials throughout the U.S.
2004 Introduced eight new air cargo container designs for DHL, Brussels (BRU) 
2005 Build permanent hydraulically operated load test fixture for accurate upload and side load testing of all ULD types
2006   •  Developed first ever 5,000 lb. dual contoured ballast LD-9 cargo container for Federal Express
2007 Moved Louisville (SDF) Repair Station to a 112,000 sq ft building on 7.5 Acres for future expansion project and establishment of a central U.S. fabrication facility 
2008 Developed the first AMX main deck container designed specifically to maximize cube on the new Boeing 777 Contour freighter for DHL (with a shelving system for ease of loading and unloading varying weights of cargo)
2009 Designed and engineered our new rugged, all-aluminum Featherweight AKE LD-3 container with a tare weight starting at 148 lbs (68 kgs)
2010 First batch of our Featherweight AKE LD-3 container introduced in to the ULD fleets of airlines in Asia and beyond