Air Cargo Containers: AAC

Satco Air Cargo Containers: AAC

Part Number: 35115-509

TSO-C90c: NAS3610-2A5C

Max Gross Weight: 13,000 lb / 6,045 kg

Tare Weight: 469 lb / 213 kg

Dimensions: 88" W. x 125" L. x 80.75" H.

Internal Volume: 420 Cubic Feet

Maintenance Manual Number: 25-51-78

This first dual 727/767 contoured upper deck container can to be used laterally on narrow aircraft and longitudinally on wide-bodied aircraft for maximum flexibility. Flexible net and cover door opens in the middle and detaches at the bottom and sides to stow completely on the roof. The door cover has positive Velcro closure at the side hoop to create a positive water barrier.