Air Cargo Containers: AAX

Satco Air Cargo Containers: AAX

Part Number: 36000-503

TSO-C90c: NAS3610-2A5C

Max Gross Weight: 13,000 lb / 6,045 kg

Tare Weight: 577 lb / 262 kg

Dimensions: 88" W. x 125" L. x 96" H.

Internal Volume: 507 Cubic Feet

Maintenance Manual Number: 25-51-99

At 96 inches in height, this new "A1" container combines the base dimension of an "A" container with the height of a "M1" container to provide maximum cube when used longitudinally on wide-bodied aircraft. Roll up door can be located at the outboard side (as shown) for easier stacking on the vertical wall or at the inboard panel for easier door operation. The ratio of low tare weight to high cube utilization is yielding significant cost savings to wide body freight operators using the "A1".