Air Cargo Containers: AKE-LD3

Satco Air Cargo Containers: AKE-LD3

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Part Number: 33675-713

TSO-C90: NAS3610-2K2C

Max Gross Weight: : 3,500 lbs / 1,587 kgs

Tare Weight: 200 lbs / 90 kgs

Dimensions: : 60.4 W. x 61.5 L. x 64 H.

Internal Volume: 153 Cubic Feet

Maintenance Manual Number: 25-51-68

This lightweight yet durable LD3 incorporates Satco's patented roll-up door that stores out of harm's way when open and tensions steel side and cross cables when closed. Door can be located at inboard side (as shown) or at the more conventional fore/aft location. Units can be ordered with impact resistant polycarbonate panels (as shown) or aluminum alloy side panels with no difference in tare weight or cost. Only Satco can offer its patented polycarbonate panel retention method that has been used successfully on thousands of ULD's for over ten years.