Air Cargo Containers: M-1 / AMX


Part Number: 37010-501

TSO-C90: NAS3610-2M1C

Max Gross Weight: : 15,000 lbs / 6,804 kgs

Tare Weight: Starting at 667 lbs. / 303 kgs.

Dimensions: : 96 W. x 125 L. x 118 H.

Internal Volume: 704 Cubic Feet / 19.94 Cubic Meters

Maintenance Manual Number: 25-51-53

Introduced by Satco in 2008, the AMX air cargo container was designed specifically to be used on the new Boeing 777 Contour freighter.  The large base dimension and overall height utilizes maximum cube of any ULD cargo container on the market today.  Patented clamp method attaches impact resistant polycarbonate body panels to high strength members.  The net & cover door assembly allows for full horizontal and vertical opening clearance for oversized or heavy cargo. 

Satco recently added a unique operable shelving system to the AMX allowing greater flexibility for loading and unloading various size cargo.  The shelf may be locked in the up or stowed in the down position depending on your cargo requirements.  Contact Satco for more information about how the AMX can benefit your cargo operations.