Air Cargo Containers: Fly Kit

Satco Air Cargo Containers: Fly Kit


The movement of damaged (non-airworthy) cargo containers from remote field locations to central repair sites is a difficult and costly problem for all carriers. As a practical solution to this problem, Satco has designed and certified a kit that gives carriers the option of converting a damaged cargo container into an airworthy net and pallet configuration so that the damaged container may be flown with freight from a field location to a repair site.

The Satco Fly Kit is designed as a temporary option, not to exceed 90 days, to transport an otherwise non-airworthy container with freight restrained by a cargo net attached to net attachment receptacles mounted around the container base. Only qualified Satco containers can be modified with a net attach kit and kits can be supplied on new Satco containers. The load ratings of the "A" and "M" type containers are reduced to 11,250 lbs. when using the fly kit.

All damage above the container base becomes allowable with the net attach kit provided the container has not been distorted beyond its allowable contour which would cause interference with the cargo container and aircraft.

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