Air Cargo Containers: Lower Deck

Satco Air Cargo Containers: Lower DeckShown here is just a sample of the complete line of lower deck cargo containers offered by Satco. These units have evolved from 35 years experience building main deck containers for many of the world's finest airlines. The same heavy duty construction used on main deck containers is used on Satco's lower deck units. Satco's patented clamp method is used to attach impact resistant polycarbonate body panels to rugged extruded aluminum frame members. Aluminum body panels can always be substituted for polycarbonate with no increase in tare weight or cost.

Satco's overcenter roll-up door is the easiest to operate and most cost effective door Satco has ever offered. When opened (rolled up), the door stows safely behind the header and closing the door takes less than 5 seconds.

Satco offers complete spare part support for all its units. Spare parts are reasonably priced. All aluminum and polycarbonate components are easy to repair using common hand tools and are fully recyclable.

The full line of NAS3610 and compartment certified containers are available (including LD5's and LD8's not illustrated here). Your inquiry will be met with a conservative unit tare weight and a competitive price. Please contact Satco to discuss your requirements and to receive additional details about the Satco lower deck container that is right for your application.

Contact Satco for more information about our complete line of lower deck as well as main deck air cargo containers or call +310 322 4719 and speak with Peter Looker, Vince Voong or Rob Looker directly.