ALUMINUM ALLOY: Satco manufacturers cargo pallets with 7075-T6 aluminum alloy (78,000 psi) that is 38% stronger than the 7021 aluminum alloy (56,565 psi) commonly used by European ULD manufacturers. For a European pallet manufacturer to provide a pallet with the same strength as Satco's 0.160 inch thick 7075-T6 pallet, they would have to use a 0.220 inch thick sheet (4.59 mm).

SHEET THICKNESS: TOP AND BOTTOM - 0.160" (4.06 mm) . This is the standard single sheet pallet sheet thickness and when used with stringers in between top and bottom sheets, makes an extremely rigid and strong platform on the top and durable rolling service on the bottom.

REPAIRABILITY: Because the pallets are mechanically fastened and no adhesives or fillers are used, the Satco pallet is easy to repair using standard sheet metal techniques. This is not the case with many other "heavy duty" pallets on the market. Big pallets are difficult to repair because of their size and weight. Because of this, it is critical that a big pallet be a strong and damage resistant as possible. Holes to the top or bottom sheets of Satco pallets can be cut out using a hand router, damaged stringers can be repaired or replaced and patches fitted flush to existing sheets. Edge rails can be replaced without interference with the center structure of the pallet by removing pull rivets at the top and bottom sides of edge rails.

RIVET SPACING: 3.125" (80 mm) minimum rivet spacing is required because of the tremendous loads these pallets are designed to withstand.

DURABILITY: During initial pallet design certification a test pallet was supported off the floor at each end and loaded with over 50,000 pounds of weight at the center of the pallet. Although the pallet deflected slightly, the test pallet passed the test with no damage. Simply put, Satco knows of no other pallet that comes close to the durability of the Satco 16 and 20 ft. pallets.

PROVEN DESIGN: Satco's 20 ft pallet was first designed in 1982 (20 YEARS AGO!) and despite some minor design improvements over the years, has remained very close to its original configuration. The design has not changed much because the pallet performs so well in service. The pallet is used to carry jet engines, expensive automobiles and countless other valuable airfreight.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Satco is pleased to offer a full 1-year warranty that the pallets will be free of defects in materials or workmanship. Warranty claims have been almost non-existent over the 20 years the pallet has been on the market - because they are built so well.

LONG ESTABLISHED USAGE HISTORY: Virtually all the major cargo carriers have used the Satco 16 and 20 ft pallets - worldwide. There are pallets that are less expensive and lighter, but there is no pallet commercially available that has a lower overall cost of ownership when you factor in expected life and low repair burden of the Satco pallet.