Air Cargo Pallets

Satco pallets are the most durable and cost-effective in the industry. Introduced in 1968, the all-aluminum, standard cargo pallet remains the international standard in pallet and container base applications. Satco’s heavy duty pallets are used for heavy and oversized loads, and utilize top and bottom 7075-T6 sheets fastened to our patented stringer core to provide maximum rigidity at the lowest possible tare weight.

Our pallets are mechanically fastened, with no adhesives or fillers used, so they are easier to repair using ordinary sheet metal fabrication techniques.
Alcoa 7075-T6 aluminum sheets riveted to 6000-series aluminum- alloy edge rails extend the service life of our pallets well beyond those made with inferior materials.
Satco backs every certified pallet it makes with low-cost, readily available spares, knowledgeable customer service representatives and professional technical support.