About Us

Satco is a family owned and operated manufacturing business that prides itself on building strong and lasting relationships with its customers, many of whom rank among the largest cargo airlines in the world. Our continued success over the past 48 years can be attributed to strict adherence to our proven process.

Our Process

Every sale we make is coupled with the extraordinary customer service we provide.

Every Sale is a Custom Fit

Because no two airlines are alike, a ULD that works well at one airline may not work as well at another. At Satco, when we receive a ULD inquiry from a new or return customer, our sales team’s first job is to meet with the customer’s ULD management team and evaluate their operations to determine which of our various materials and designs will yield the best results with lowest total cost of ownership. First, we learn all we can about the type of revenue freight they carry, and their aircraft types, floor systems, handling equipment and sort facilities. Then we identify if changes to an existing Satco product would improve performance and work with Satco Engineering to implement those changes.

Satco ULDs meet demanding quality and structural standards.

Engineered to Go the Distance

Satco ULD’s are “aircraft appliances” and, as such, are certified by the FAA and other international aviation authorities to meet demanding quality and structural standards. Domestic production and ULD repair station operations are constantly monitored by the FAA and numerous other local, state and federal regulatory agencies. Satco’s experienced ULD engineers are responsible for all preliminary design, structural analysis, testing, certification, materials evaluation and technical support. Satco Engineering assumes a leadership role in many trade organizations that advance safety and draft product standards, including the International Standards Organization (ISO), Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), American National Standards Institute (ANSI), International Air Transport Association (IATA) and ULD Care.

We’re committed to on-time production and delivery of critical airline components.

Rigorous Production Values

Airlines operate on exacting schedules and tight margins, so they demand on-time delivery of critical aircraft components like ULD’s. At Satco, we understand that one late delivery can impact years of goodwill, which is why we take our commitments to major airlines around the world very seriously. Our production of parts and assemblies is highly efficient and subject to exacting specifications. In addition, we favor simple fabrication procedures that utilize common available machinery to keep production costs low and quality high.

All materials, fabrication operations and repair procedures meet our exacting QA specifications.

Quality You Can Count On

Flight safety is Satco’s ultimate responsibility. We process millions of pounds of material each year, and it is the responsibility of our quality assurance department to ensure that those materials meet dimensional and structural tolerances and can be traced all the way back to raw material. In addition, our QA department works in unison with our engineering and production departments to design and implement changes to existing ULD’s to improve their performance in service.

Our repair stations restore damaged ULDs with precision and speed.

Maintaining Excellence

Our commitment to our customers doesn’t end when we ship a new ULD—it steadfastly remains in place throughout the life cycle of the product. For over 30 years, Satco has owned and operated some of the largest ULD repair stations in the world. With more than 1.5 million repairs under our belt, we understand the importance of adequately stocking a repair shop to accommodate the fastest turnaround times. When a damaged ULD sits in a repair station awaiting spare parts, it affects the airlines’ bottom line. It’s our goal to return the vast majority of damaged ULD’s to our customers within three working days.

Our experience is focused on producing the safest, lightest and most reliable ULDs in the world.

Experience Runs in the Family

We believe there is no substitute for experience. Satco’s three corporate officers have a combined ninety-five years of experience with the company and have presided over all major developments in the ULD industry during that time. Satco’s executive team coordinates the efforts of all its departments to hire and retain the highest-caliber team members. The team also executes the company’s goal of improving our processes and procedures to produce and support the safest, lightest, and most reliable ULD’s in the world. We constantly reinvest in our facilities and equipment to take advantage of new technologies that can provide better products and service. It isn’t unusual for staff to stay at Satco for their entire career and share in our success because they believe in what we do and know they are valued as an integral part of our family business.

We're here for you

Satco employees are part of tight-knit team in targeted locations across
the U.S. that is committed to delivering superior customer service along
with best-in-class ULDs.

El Segundo, CA

Conveniently located just three miles from LAX—one of the five largest cargo airports in the U.S.— El Segundo has been Satco’s home since its inception in 1968. It’s also home to a few other giants in aviation history, including Hughes Aircraft Company, Boeing Satellite Systems, Northrop Grumman and The Aerospace Corporation. Satco manufactures and services its full range of ULDs and restraint hardware in six contiguous factory buildings.

Memphis, TN

Memphis is world famous as the home of Elvis, Beale Street, FedEx, and the largest cargo airport in the United States. Satco opened its first ULD repair station in Memphis in 1985, and it has grown to be one of the largest and most active container repair shops in the world, with approximately one million container repairs under its belt. Staffed by experienced managers and crews who only work on ULDs, the vast majority of damaged containers are returned to the customer in airworthy condition within two working days of receipt.

Louisville, KY

Home of the Kentucky Derby, UPS Airline’s Worldport and the third largest cargo airport in the U.S., Louisville is where Satco operates its full-service ULD repair station and back-up manufacturing plant in a 116,000-square-foot building on 7.5 acres of land. Strategically located in the middle of the country, Satco SDF can service customers’ needs in the Louisville and the Cincinnati area.

Indianapolis, IN

Known for speed since 1911 when it hosted the first Indy 500 race, Indianapolis is now home to the 8th largest cargo airport in the U.S and is a FedEx and national transportation hub. Like its other repair stations, Satco offers a full range of ULD services and support from its IND repair station.